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My Julia Activities

This page collects and tracks my activities related to the Julia programming language.

Edited Publications

Julia 1.9 Brings More Speed and Convenience: My article about the goodies in Julia v.1.9 appeared today in LWN.
An Introduction to Pluto: Pluto is a new computational notebook for the Julia programming language.
Julia v.1.6 release addresses latency issues: Julia’s new release turns the “time to first plot” problem into (almost) a non-issue.
What’s coming in Julia 1.7: New features on the way.
Digging into Julia’s package system: How Julia’s excellent package system eases development and code sharing.
Scientific computing’s future: Fortran, Julia, Clojure, and Haskell.
Fast as Fortran, Easy as Python: An introduction to Julia in Linux Pro Magazine.
The accelerating adoption of Julia: The programming language Julia and its importance to science.
Concurrency in Julia: An overview of the easiest-to-approach facilities for parallel and concurrent computation in Julia, with a demonstration of the effects of a new feature: thread migration. Discussed on Hacker News.
The Scientist’s Linux Toolbox: Free software for scientists in Linux Pro Magazine.
The Unreasonable Effectiveness of the Julia Programming Language: My article about Julia and science in Ars Technica.
Julia: Learn the New Language for Scientific Computing: My introduction to Julia in Linux Format, available for subscribers to the magazine.
Struct Destructuring in Julia: The soon-to-arrive Julia v.1.7 has a new destructuring syntax for structs. I take a look at what it’s good for.
The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Recipe Analogies: On an article about the programming language Julia.
PlutoUI Demonstration: A live demonstration of PlutoUI controls, served with the PlutoSliderServer.
Practical Julia Back from the Printer: My introduction to the best language for scientific computing has achieved physical form.
Magnification Shape Styling in Lens Insets in Julia: In the current version of Plots you can style the lines with which the magnification shape is drawn when making lens insets.

Code Contributions

Added feature to lens plots in Plots.jl. Described here.

Fixed bug in the Javis.jl animation package.

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