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Practical Julia

Lee Phillips
March 14th, 2023
22SEP2021: updated Table of Contents.
11JAN2022: updated Table of Contents again.
28APR2022: updated Table of Contents yet again.
22JUL2022: adjustment to TOC; early access notice.
5–8AUG2022: publication date, links to ordering pages.
14MAR2023: updated publication dates and other details.
25OCT2023: update: book complete.
28NOV2023: update: first month.
28DEC2023: UPS lost my author copies two months ago; video.

My book about the Julia programming language, Practical Julia, is available from bookstores and online retailers, in paper and electronic formats.

The book is designed to get research scientists who have no knowledge of Julia up and running with the language expeditiously, and able to use it in their work. But it’s not only for scientists. It assumes very little, and will take the reader from zero to reasonable Julia sophistication, with many illustrative applications.

I am gratified at the reception the book has received, and especially proud that Christopher Rackauckas, author of Julia’s legendary differential equations package, thinks that Practical Julia is the best introduction to the language and “a great book for any Julia user’s shelf.”

Viral Shah, one of the creators of this revolutionary language, says that my book is “a great starting point for the reader’s journey into Julia.”

Here is the table of contents:

  1. Learning Julia
  1. Introduction
  2. Getting Started
  3. Language Basics
  4. Using Modules
  5. The Plotting System
  6. Collections
  7. Functions, Metaprogramming, and Errors
  8. Diagrams and Animations
  9. The Type System
  1. Applications
  1. Physics
  2. Statistics
  3. Biology
  4. Mathematics
  5. Scientific Machine Learning
  6. Signal and Image Processing
  7. Parallel Processing

Places to Order

The publisher: No Starch Press
Penguin/Random House
Barnes & Noble

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An Amusing Anecdote

Although my readers who’ve decided to order the physical incarnation of Practical Julia have received their paperback book, I myself have never seen nor touched a copy. The publisher is based in the United States, while I live in a foreign land. Despite my advice, they entrusted UPS with my box of author copies. A month Two months later, nobody is sure where this box happens to be.

Aside from this misstep, all the people at No Starch whom I worked with on the book were extraordinarily dedicated and skilled; it was a pleasure to write a book with this company.

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