A rare LHC tour: With plenty of behind-the-scenes pictures of the hardware.
The never-ending conundrums of classical physics: My article discusses lift, determinism, turbulence, and a few other things.
A brief history of quantum alternatives: My article in Ars Technica about the proposed alternatives to the Copenhagen interpretation.
There Was No Big Bang Singularity: Descriptions of the Universe’s origins as a singularity, although common even on the part of cosmologists, are out of date.
The state of residential solar power: By me, in Ars Technica, with interesting contributions from people in different regions who have installed solar panels.
Famous Experiment Dooms Alternative to Quantum Weirdness: The Copenhagen interpretation is still our most parsimonious model of the microworld.
General relativity: 100 years of the most beautiful theory ever created: An overview of the theory, its authorship, and its experimental verifications.

Magnetic Levitation: Including movies of diamagnetically levitated frogs and suchlike.

Green flash page

Physics Organisations

Kid tries to make breeder reactor

Heavens-Above: This page helps you to track artificial sattelites.

Tools for Physics

If you grew up on some form of classic fortran and need to be jolted into the 21st century, here is a good place to start.

"Graphics tools for scientists and engineers" by a scientist who seems to have settled on much of the same toolset that I have lately found useful.

On the Macintosh running MacOS X, the output of Gnuplot and some other graphics programs can be displayed with Aquaterm, an alternative that doesn't require starting up X Windows.


Comments are handled through email. Please send mail to physics__comment@lee-phillips.org if you would like me to include it here. I will never expose your email address. Let me know if you want me to hide your name, as well.

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