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2014-09-16 If you need heart surgery, go to India.
[via HN.]
2014-09-16 Vectorization with Julia
Detailed article on SIMD vectorization in Julia 0.3.
2014-09-14 Ladyparts
... is there no end to their bounty?
2014-09-14 Double Dentist
An apparently unsolved problem in computer science.
2014-09-11 APS Launches Full-Text HTML
“The American Physical Society has launched full-text HTML versions of more than 200,000 articles”. Good. The more articles in open access the better.
2014-09-10 “Guess the Religion”
Check out my article in the current issue of American Atheist Magazine, now available at Barnes & Noble or online.
2014-09-05 Catholic Universities’ Insurance Covers Elective Abortions
The Church’s objection to having to cover contraception appears disingenuous when they have submitted to California’s requirement to cover elective abortions for years.
2014-08-30 Transducers are fundamental
Ignacio Thayer: “Transducers are being introduced in the next version of clojure. There are a few posts about them already, but I found the notion of transducers more elegant and natural than I have seen described. They simplify a lot of disparate clojure concepts and make it easier to write more performant code without any loss in generality. They are quite beautiful, actually, and I believe the concept is elemental, like function composition.”
2014-08-29 The Coffee Nap
I discovered them by accident. Now I know the science!
2014-08-28 Solar P-P Neutrinos Detected
Their long-sought detection provides strong evidence that most of the Sun’s energy output is the result of proton-proton fusion.
2014-08-25 Spacecraft may have captured interstellar dust particles
The Stardust spacecraft has probably collected seven dust particles from beyond the solar system.
2014-08-23 Monkey Selfie Issue Resolved
Some entities specifically mentioned by the US Copyright Office that can not create copyrighted works are the ocean, the supernatural, plants, and monkeys.
2014-08-22 Julia 0.3 Released
The latest release contains numerous performance, library, and REPL enhancements.
2014-08-19 11 Free Clojure Ebooks
List with summaries compiled Feb., 2014.
2014-08-16 Julia’s Role in Data Science
Brief, down-to-earth assessment of the current state of the language and ecosystem.
2014-08-14 Life in a “Moderate” Muslim Country
A teenager in Malaysia is being investigated by the police for “sedition.” His sole act was to click the “Like” button on a Facebook page supportive of Israel. He says he clicked it by mistake. He has also received death threats from his fellow citizens.
2014-08-13 My Doctor Told Me I Should Vaccinate My Children
Humor created from the probable transcript of the inner voice of a multitude of parents.
2014-08-10 Python as Shell
A project that allows python to be used conveniently on the command line.
2014-08-06 The never-ending conundrums of classical physics
Check out my article in Ars Technica: “classical physics remains a vibrant arena of active research. Its foundations and the fundamental problems posed by several of its subfields still engage the imaginations of thousands of physicists throughout the world. And like all areas in active development, it attracts contention and controversy”.
2014-08-06 Selfie by Monkey
... creates copyright conundrum.
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