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2015-11-22 Saudi court sentences poet to death for renouncing Islam
Ashraf Fayadh is a “leading member of Saudi Arabia’s nascent contemporary art scene”.
2015-11-21 Multimedia on the Linux Command Line
wget, PdfTK, ffmpeg, flac, SoX.
2015-11-20 What popular science articles would you like to see in the next year?
What would you like explained? What are you curious about? Email or tweet.
2015-11-20 Saudi Arabia, an ISIS That Has Made It
The fight against terrorism must include “Saudi Arabia and its religious-industrial complex.”
2015-11-20 Python’s Hidden Regular Expression Gems
Python’s regex support is not built in, but the module is very sophisticated.
2015-11-20 Escher: Webserving with Julia
“With Escher you can build beautiful Web UIs entirely in Julia.” Includes a built-in webserver.
2015-11-19 Growing Antisemitism at U.S. Universities
It’s taking a classic political form, mirroring the rise in the anti-free-speech movement. 
2015-11-17 WebPlotDigitizer
Have a plot but need the numbers? This web service can take care of it. Reminds me of the ancient Macintosh program “Datathief.”
2015-11-14 Nabokov in America, by Robert Roper
The new book is reviewed in the NY Times by Daphne Merkin.
2015-11-13 Students: Fight Racism, Not Free Speech
“[Leftist] students don’t even realize how weirdly conservative they are.”
2015-11-13 Spectacular Breakup of WT1190F
“When WT1190F struck this atmosphere over the Indian Ocean around 6:20 Universal Time [...], it broke apart into multiple fireballs against the blue sky.”
2015-11-13 The Illiberal Left
The widespread contempt for free expression on campus.
2015-11-12 Photosynthesis Rap
Performed by the inimitable Oort Kuiper.
2015-11-11 Great News for the Julia Language
A $600,000 grant to help get to the 1.0 release.
2015-11-11 “MathML in HTML5” implementation note and test suite
Possibly the future of math on the web. See also Note that the MathML team is using layout rules from Knuth’s TeXBook.
2015-11-10 Replies to Marks’ Replies to My Reply
Just a few passing remarks about TeX, typography, and the Web.
2015-11-10 Catholic school cancels invitation
“terms such as ‘rational’, ‘reason’ and other terms related to the secular experience may not be within their lexicon, and could require explanation.” They’ve issued a reinvitation.
2015-11-09 Spurious Correlations
The book is out, waiting to make an amusing addition to your coffee table.
2015-11-08 Reply to “HTML as TeX replacement”
Detailed response to some points brought up by Kevin Marks.
2015-11-06 Break the Pink Heart of Tweetdeck
A little javascript makes the Twitter client manlier.
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From: VT Clark

Date: Wed, 27 May 2015

Subject: outstanding arstechnica article. well done!

coherent, well researched, excellent references [i.e., lnks], patient coverage of complex but revealing subject matter, particularly the law of conservation [...]

Very kind of you; glad you liked the article.

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