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2016-05-23 Six Year Sentence for Serving Peanuts
A negligent restaurant owner killed an allergic man by serving him a dish containing peanuts.
2016-05-23 Introducing clojure.spec
“a new core library and support for data and function specifications in Clojure.” And: “Clojure is a dynamic language, and thus far we have relied on documentation or external libraries to explain the use and behavior of functions and libraries. But documentation is difficult to produce [...] Specs are expressive and precise. Including spec in Clojure creates a lingua franca with which we can state how our programs work and how to use them.”
2016-05-18 Post-It® War
The human spirit of creativity finds another outlet.
2016-05-17 Rafting on the Cheat River
Nobody drowned.
2016-05-16 A few tips for writing macros in Clojure
“they can be tricky to get right, especially in a legible way. These guidelines will serve beginning and intermediate macro programmers well. Advanced programmers will know when to ignore the guides.”
2016-05-04 Why Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s Criticism of Islam Angers Western Liberals
‘an FBI Special Agent testified that CAIR was “a front group for Hamas.”’
2016-05-04 Huge number of sites imperiled by critical image-processing vulnerability
Imagemagick can be tricked into arbitrary code execution by fake image files. This is a big one.
2016-05-03 One Minute of All-Out Exercise May Have Benefits of 45 Minutes of Moderate Exertion
The first careful study of the phenomenon shows surprising results.
2016-05-02 Departing Judge Offers Blunt Defense of Ruling in Stop-and-Frisk Case
Judge Scheindlin largely ended the abusive policing tactic in New York. Despite ominous warnings, gun crime did not increase.
2016-05-02 Dolphins have a language that helps them solve problems together
“they have a type of vocalisation dedicated to cooperating on problem solving.”
2016-05-02 The leap second: Because our clocks are more accurate than the Earth
The surprising physics of the planet’s rotation: my article in Ars Technica.
2016-04-29 The Joys and Perils of Interactive Development
By Stuart Sierra. The moral: “The source code ≠ the program”.
2016-04-28 Norvig on combinatorics
With reference to the ancient game of go and the paltry number of atoms in the universe.
2016-04-22 Free Speech and Islam — In Defense of Sam Harris
Good summary of recent defamatory attacks on the neuroscientist/philosopher.
2016-04-19 Clojure, The Good Parts
Some opinionated but thoughtful advice on “what a ‘good’ production Clojure app looks like in 2016.” See also the discussion on Hacker News.
2016-04-19 Thanks to all
who dropped by the Arlington Planetarium table at the Science and Engineering Festival this weekend in DC. It was a pleasure meeting you and I hope to see you at one of our shows soon!
2016-04-18 Southwest Airlines Kicks Another Passenger off Plane but Can’t Explain Why
On a roll after kicking a Somali woman off a plane for being Somali, Southwest kicks another passenger off for speaking Arabic. In neither case can the airline supply any reason for these actions other than the passenger’s ethnicity.
2016-04-13 Subpoenaed Into Silence?
Intelligent summary puts the subpoena of CEI into context.
2016-04-05 Columbia Students Protest a Henry Moore Sculpture
“It interrupts the architectural harmony.” Perhaps there is hope for the current crop of undergraduates after all.
2016-04-04 Meet the largest science project in US government history—the James Webb Telescope
My article introducing the infrared telescope to be launched in 2018.
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From: VT Clark

Date: Wed, 27 May 2015

Subject: outstanding arstechnica article. well done!

coherent, well researched, excellent references [i.e., lnks], patient coverage of complex but revealing subject matter, particularly the law of conservation [...]

Very kind of you; glad you liked the article.

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