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2014-07-30 Eric Normand on Core.async
Really helps you understand what core.async does for you.
2014-07-28 Mars Opportunity Rover Sets Off-World Driving Record
The rover just passed the 25-mile mark. Visit the link for a map of its travels.
2014-07-26 Mystery in the Perseus Cluster
‘“I couldn't believe my eyes,” says Esra Bulbul of the Harvard Center for Astrophysics. “What we found, at first glance, could not be explained by known physics.”’
2014-07-24 BirdWatch with ClojureScript and Om explained
Matthias Nehlsen explains how he wrote a (very nice) front end to his interesting BirdWatch application, which presents term statistics for tweets that satisfy a search string.
2014-07-21 Rosetta’s comet ‘sweats’ two glasses of water a second
ESA’s Rosetta spacecraft detects enough water vapor coming off of comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko to fill an Olympic swimming pool in 100 days. “Glasses” and “swimming pools” are the only units of volume offered by the article on the European Space Agency website, which is otherwise quite good.
2014-07-21 A Lisper's first impression of Julia
A quite detailed and opinionated comparison of the various ways in which Julia is better or worse than Common Lisp.
2014-07-20 Earth-like Soils on Mars
“Phosphorus depletion within the profiles is especially tantalizing, because it [is] attributed to microbial activity on Earth.”
2014-07-20 Introduction to A*
A* is an algorithm for finding the shortest path on a grid. This article is a lovely example showing how to use interactive animation to help the reader understand complex ideas.
2014-07-18 Julia, Matlab, R, Python Cheatsheat
Convenient table comparing (mostly) matrix operations among these languages (left out APL).
2014-07-14 ACLU Defends the Second Amendment
Well, indirectly.
2014-07-14 The Design Impact of Multiple Dispatch
...As the core paradigm of Julia. Presented at Strange Loop on September 19, 2013 by Stefan Karpinski.
2014-07-13 Clojure Grimoire
“Community documentation of Clojure” – A convenient table of Clojure things.
2014-07-11 How to Make Python Faster Without Trying That Much
Detailed case study of profiling and optimizing.
2014-07-09 60 Papers Retracted in a Peer Review and Citation Ring
“on at least one occasion, the author Peter Chen reviewed his own paper under one of the aliases he had created.”
2014-07-08 Sun Sends More “Tsunami Waves” to Voyager 1
The probe is now confirmed to be in interstellar space (but has certainly not “left the solar system”).
2014-07-01 Me on G-Town Radio
I was interviewed by the gracious hosts of the G-Town Radio show “Science 2.0” this past Saturday. You can listen to or download the audio file here. The occasional distortion is entirely my fault, for trying to use the Google Talk Plugin, which kept cranking up the mic gain.
2014-07-01 JuliaCon Presentation Slides
The Julia language’s first conference has recently wound up and the PDFs of the slide decks are available here. Just click on the topic you want to see and then on the filename to download.
2014-06-30 Espresso on the ISS
To the relief of the Italian astronauts, there is now an espresso machine on the space station.
2014-06-26 Vim Awesome
Slick and usefully organized presentation of a large number of Vim plugins.
2014-06-25 Man Dies After Sand Hole Collapses
a “49-year-old Virginia man vacationing on the Outer Banks has died after he was buried in 6 feet of sand while digging a tunnel to connect two large holes.”
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