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2014-10-01 Orthodox Antics Aboard Airliners
This is a timely follow-on to my “Guess the Religion” in the current American Atheist (available at Barnes & Noble).
2014-10-01 My Genes Made Me Vote For Obama: Predisposed Reviewed
Laugh-out-loud (I did) review of a book that, it would seem, attempts to show that one’s inclination toward liberalism or conservatism is biologically influenced.
2014-09-30 Reservoir Dogs
... The Afghan version.
2014-09-30 Python Prompt Toolkit
Improving on Ipython. Personally, I’m happy using Vim with ScreenShell, but I’m sure there are Pythoners who will like this.
2014-09-29 Juno, the Interactive Development Environment for Julia
Built on top of LightTable, and looks very slick.
2014-09-25 MicroPython
Super cool electronics development board that runs a micro version of Python. Just plug into your usb port and get a REPL. More on HN.
2014-09-23 Andrew Wakefield loses again
I was surprised to learn that Wakefield, whose fraudulent research is largely responsible for the persistent delusion that vaccines cause autism, is still suing his critics.
2014-09-22 Briggs on the People’s Climate March
May your allies be as sharp as your opponents.
2014-09-20 Lying About Richard Dawkins
It’s getting tiresome and predictable.
2014-09-20 Portable configuration through ssh
Two approaches that allow you to bring your configuration with you automatically when you ssh into various servers.
2014-09-16 Our Partner in the War with ISIS
Saudi Arabia routinely beheads its citizens for adultery, apostasy and sorcery.
2014-09-16 If you need heart surgery, go to India.
[via HN.]
2014-09-16 Vectorization with Julia
Detailed article on SIMD vectorization in Julia 0.3.
2014-09-14 Ladyparts
... is there no end to their bounty?
2014-09-14 Double Dentist
An apparently unsolved problem in computer science.
2014-09-11 APS Launches Full-Text HTML
“The American Physical Society has launched full-text HTML versions of more than 200,000 articles”. Good. The more articles in open access the better.
2014-09-10 “Guess the Religion”
Check out my article in the current issue of American Atheist Magazine, now available at Barnes & Noble or online.
2014-09-05 Catholic Universities’ Insurance Covers Elective Abortions
The Church’s objection to having to cover contraception appears disingenuous when they have submitted to California’s requirement to cover elective abortions for years.
2014-08-30 Transducers are fundamental
Ignacio Thayer: “Transducers are being introduced in the next version of clojure. There are a few posts about them already, but I found the notion of transducers more elegant and natural than I have seen described. They simplify a lot of disparate clojure concepts and make it easier to write more performant code without any loss in generality. They are quite beautiful, actually, and I believe the concept is elemental, like function composition.”
2014-08-29 The Coffee Nap
I discovered them by accident. Now I know the science!
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