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2015-08-03 Failure to Protect
Peter Van Buren’s article is exceptionally clear and to the point. It’s the best answer I’ve yet seen to Hillary Clinton’s disingenuous attempts to defend her mishandling of classified information.
2015-08-03 Hubble Sees a Dying Star
It will be known as NGC6565.
2015-08-01 Maria Mitchell’s Birthday
She doesn’t rate a Google doodle this year, but August 1 is the day to remember the extraordinary life of this American astronomer.
2015-07-31 ClojureScript Next
ClojureScript can now compile itself. This means that you can make a web page that allows the user to type in ClojureScript and evaluate it. That, of course, is just the tip of the iceberg of awesomeness.
2015-07-08 World Cup 2015 National Harbor Audience
A big crowd watched the US defeat Japan on a huge screen.
2015-06-21 Virginia high school student earns SpaceX scholarship for young women
Annie Thomas, a senior at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, won the $3,000 scholarship. Follow the link to learn more about her inspiring story.
2015-06-04 Maspeth UPS Customer Center Yelp Page
Hilarious collection of dozens of obscenity-sprinkled freakouts.
2015-06-01 KFC sues over rumors its chickens have eight legs
I just like this headline.
2015-05-30 Heads-up displays for phones in cars
“The technology is driven by a false assumption that seeing requires nothing more than having the eyes fixed on the right spot.”
2015-05-29 “What’s the good of having a freedom you’re afraid to use?”
How Title IX abuse is crushing academic freedom.
2015-05-27 Emmy Noether's Story
My article about the most important theorem in physics appeared today in Ars Technica.
2015-05-08 Gnuplot 5: the Book
Now available for pre-order. Save over 60% and get preview chapters!
2015-05-08 Mosquito Magnet
I'm one. My son inherited it, but not my daughter. We can be outside with a group, and our skin and clothing will be decorated with a platoon of mosquitoes, who are not even bothering to land on anyone else. The link is a nice summary of twin research that makes the genetic component manifest.
2015-04-25 Plotting tools for networks, part II
Check out my article on TikZ and NetworkX in LWN. Learn how to draw network diagrams in LaTeX and analyze graphs with Python. If you like this content, please consider subscribing to LWN so they can afford to produce more of it!
2015-04-18 NASA weekend at the Arlington Planetarium
If you live in the DC area, it’s educational fun for the whole family.
2015-04-16 Plotting tools for networks, part I
Check out my article on Dia and Graphviz in LWN. The sequel, covering TikZ and NetworkX, will appear in a few days.
2015-04-07 Why do we have allergies?
Great article about the immune system and competing theories trying to explain allergies. Conveys a lot of science while telling interesting personal stories.
2015-04-05 A rare LHC tour
With plenty of behind-the-scenes pictures of the hardware.
2015-04-03 Another Skirmish in the Photography Copyright Wars
Insightful open letter from a photographer to the band “Garbage” explaining why they can’t have the product of his labors without compensation — and why it was rude to ask.
2015-04-03 America’s Academies for Jihad
Ayaan Hirsi Ali: “A radical imam threatened me with death — and was later hired to preach in U.S. prisons.”
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From: VT Clark

Date: Wed, 27 May 2015

Subject: outstanding arstechnica article. well done!

coherent, well researched, excellent references [i.e., lnks], patient coverage of complex but revealing subject matter, particularly the law of conservation [...]

Very kind of you; glad you liked the article.

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