Svelte routing with page.js, Part 1: “There are many routing solutions for Svelte out there. Some are better than others.[…] I wanted to take page.js out for a spin and see what’s possible, so I spent an hour playing with it. Something pretty interesting came out as a result.”
Responsive Svelte (exploring Svelte’s reactivity): Kevin Bridges invents some tooling to look inside the Svelte machine.
Approximate π with geometry and probabilities: π day approaches! Here is a simulation and activity for your math classes.
Corona virus transmission simulation: A simple model of the progression of a pandemic, written using svelte.
The Return of “Write Less, Do More”: An excellent talk by the creator of Svelte.
Svelte is unappealing: Some (but not all) of the author’s objections to the approach provided by Svelte have to do with his discomfort with the whole concept of compiled code.
Svelte: Headquarters.


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