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Embarrassing pond name to be changed

Lee Phillips — March 15, 2012
Update: Jew Pond is no more. Welcome to Carleton Pond.
See the little pond near the upper-right hand corner with the interesting name? The tiny New Hampshire town has decided it’s time to rename it. I must concur with the townspeople that this is probably for the best.

The article explains: “The body of water has been known as Jew Pond since the 1920s […] The man-made pond dug near a hotel and golf complex was originally called Spring Pond. It reportedly became known as Jew Pond after two Jewish businessmen bought the hotel and its grounds.”

Jews are still somewhat exotic in northern New England. It was there that I heard the question “What’s a bagel?”, the last word pronounced with a short “a”. And it was in New Hampshire that I attended a screening of Woody Allen’s Hannah and her Sisters. I was laughing very loudly during the scene in which Allen’s character, in the throes of an attempted religious conversion, is unloading his just-purchased cache of Catholica, finishing with the Wonder Bread and mayonnaise. I suddenly noticed that I was the only one in the entire theater laughing; aside from my cackles there was utter silence. Culture clash.

Anyway, I am proud of the good people of Mont Vernon. I don’t know what caused them to suddenly notice that the name of their pond might not cast the best light on them, but whatever the reason, I applaud their decision. Which they haven’t made to completion, as they have not yet decided on a new name. Any suggestions?

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