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Israel Pediatric Association Condemns Rabbinical Penis-Sucking

Lee Phillips
August 10, 2012

They now officially oppose the revolting and potentially deadly ritual, where a Rabbi puts his mouth on the infant’s penis and sucks out the blood following circumcision. This practice is still killing babies through the resulting herpes infections, but the Rabbis refuse to stop, because they think that god wants them to do it.

It was a year ago that I had an exchange with Rabbi and author Moshe Averick, who had called the late Christopher Hitchens a liar for describing this ritual. I pointed out that the practice was well known and was still being perpetrated, and still leading to the death and injury of infants, but Averick persisted in claiming, publicly, that it was simply not true; that nobody ever performed the metzitza b’peh. I suppose he would want to get in touch with the Israel Pediatric Association and inform them that they have made a grave mistake, as there is no need to condemn an imaginary practice.

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