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Web Authoring

This is a pretty old page, containing little, so far, since the dawn of HTML5.

General Design and Practice

Tutorials from the horse’s mouth.

The WDVL/ Tutorials - Introductory material on most topics listed on this page.

The Web Design Group

“was founded to promote the creation of non-browser specific, non-resolution specific, creative and informative sites that are accessible to all users worldwide. To this end, the WDG offers material on a wide range of HTML related topics. We hope that with this site as a reference, you will be able to create Web sites that can be used by every person on the Internet, regardless of browser, platform, or settings.”

A Guide to Web Authentication Alternatives by Jan Wolter: a detailed and thoughtful introduction to the subject.

Jakob Nielsen on web usability

Tog’s “Webzine for Computer Professionals, their Families, & Friends”

Dan’s Web Tips

Interface Experiments

jParallax is an amazing bit of javascript that allows a stack of images to slide over each other in a way that suggests, as you’ve guessed, parallax.


WWW Consortium

HTML 4.01 Specification

Meta - navigation link definitions

Please Validate your HTML here or here.

Cascading Style Sheets

CSS1 Specification

CSS2 Specification

Why style sheets are harmful

Some nice CSS tutorials on Simon Willison’s Weblog: The anatomy of a stylesheet

Understanding the Box ModelFun with links

Pure CSS2 Rollovers

A tableless, CSS-based, liquid, three-column layout.

This is a short guide to styling your Web pages.

“It will show you how to use W3C’s Cascading Style Sheets language (CSS) as well as alternatives using HTML itself. The route will steer you clear of most of the problems caused by differerences between different brands and versions of browsers.”

A bird’s-eye view of the CSS landscape.


“Agitprop”: good discussions and demonstrations of various font and style sheet issues.


LaTeX2html mailing list and links

TtH translates the equations, instead of converting them to images. But see this related comment.


Content Management Systems

Open Source Content Management System List. Last updated in August 2004, but still of interest.


Trackback, referrers, etc.

Caching Tutorial for Web Authors and Webmasters

The Kleper Report on Digital Publishing

JavaScript MD5


A List Apart: How to Succeed With URLs, Part One

“Good URLs should have a form like /products/cars/bmw/z8 or /articles/january.htm and not something like index.php?id=12.”


The Economist Style Guide

I also recommend Fowler’s Modern English Usage, which is more entertaining than you might think, and Kingsley Amis’s The King’s English, which is just as entertaining as you might think.

The apostrophe

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