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The Simpsons

The Simpsons Archive is the Internet’s clearinghouse of Simpsons guides, news and information, voluntarily maintained by members of

The Simpsons Syndication Cuts Guide: the details on which scenes, quotes, ad infinum, have been cut from the series in domestic syndication.

Mathematics on The Simpsons

Other Shows

Robert Vaughn Obituary: Much more to this seemingly buttoned-up TV actor than I suspected.
Nye’s Way or the Highway: The celebrity science communicator’s message is fundamentally anti-science.
The Prisoner: Appreciative article with good illustrations.
Bill Nye and the State of the Union: Reply to the “500 Women” who objected to Nye’s agreeing to be Bridenstine’s guest at the State of the Union address.
The Prisoner (1967-1968) Episode Guide and Reviews: A masterful model of concision in plot summary and sincere appreciation.
Dr. House’s Yelp Review: I thought he and his hospital were fictional. Who knew?
Born a Crime: The author’s memoirs: growing up in South Africa shortly after the dissolution of apartheid.
The Futurama Theorem: This new theorem was required by the plot and proved within the episode.
Medical Mystery Mimics House Episode: Cobalt poisoning from artificial hips.


TV-related and other hardware at very reasonable prices.

Cheap Home Theater: A movie screen, a DVD player, and a cheap ($800) computer projector, some speakers, and you’re done.

Hacking TiVo: A review on Slashdot of the book by Jeff Keegan.

EyeTV: Review of a TV tuner and decoder that plugs into a Mac USB port: for OS X.

Recording HDTV on your Mac

Washington Post on HDTV Recording

Turning a beige mac into a DVR: Work by Javier Díaz Reinoso, including a program for controlling a DirecTV box.

Building My MythTV Box, Part 1: Hardware

MythTV how-to

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