The Palm Connected Organizer

Recommended Palm Software

I have used these programs happily on a Palm IIIx for a year or two in most cases.

iSilo HTML and Doc reader
Mathpad Equation solver
JFile Simple database
Shadow Plan Flexible outliner with Palm application linkage
BigClock Free big clock with timers and alarms
2Sky (formerly Pocket Star Chart) Star maps
Sun Compass Sun + time = north
MemorySafe Utility + flash memory that plugs into serial connector → Review Flashable upgrade.

More Software

Get a PDF reader for your Palm and a desktop conduit for Mac Classic, Mac OSX, and even Windows.

Little list of Mac OSX Palm software.


Nice list of links, including some on using the Palm with the Chinese language.

Dale DePriest's Navigation and GPS articles

Cheap accesories and repair parts for Palm-type and other PDAs.

Writing On Your Palm: Jeff Kirvin maintains this superb website that deals with all matters related to using Palm devices for writing.


iConcepts PDA USB adapter

There is a driver that works with MacOS 10.2.x (Jaguar) for this adapter, also known as Item 60446 or PL-2303 from Sakar International. Here are the details.