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2016-09-21 What has happened down here is the winds have changed
Andrew Gelman on the history of the statistics crisis in psychology, and why some people won’t change.
2016-09-17 In the safe spaces on campus, no Jews allowed
A group called “Students for Justice in Palestine” is spreading the Nazi worldview across college campuses all over the U.S., and has been warmly embraced by those students who call themselves “progressive.”
2016-09-15 Why Charon has a red cap
Pluto and its moon share a bit of atmosphere.
2016-09-14 Neglected Food Bubbles
The NIST takes on espresso and the elusive crema.
2016-09-13 Einstein on racism
A “disease of white people.”
2016-09-12 Dolphins may speak in words and sentences, say researchers
Apparently, they are also polite, avoiding interruption.
2016-09-11 Long exposure of fog flow
Several minutes under moonlight; a study in fluid flow that is also a lovely photograph.
2016-09-09 I’m Green
Behold the padlock.
2016-09-09 U.S. House votes to allow Sept. 11 families to sue Saudi Arabia
I think I like this bill.
2016-09-09 Why pull-quotes on the web?
Jeremy Keith is right: they’re kind of stupid.
2016-09-07 Air China’s in-flight warning about London
“precautions are needed when entering areas mainly populated by Indians, Pakistanis and black people.”
2016-09-04 America’s Shocking Maternal Deaths
The Times editorial casts our alarmingly high rate of maternal death in childbirth as a political problem. But even a cursory reading of the original research reveals that it is largely due to obesity.
2016-09-03 Gene Wilder: Actor, Comic Genius, and Lover
David Henry Hwang provides an intimate glimpse of the late actor. I see Wilder is usually referred to as a “comic actor” in obituaries, and this is not unfair. But his layered, disturbing psychological portraiture is what fascinated me in his performances.
2016-08-23 NASA Reestablishes Contact With STEREO-B
“On Aug. 21, 2016, contact was reestablished with one of NASA's Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatories, known as the STEREO-B spacecraft, after communications were lost on Oct. 1, 2014.” Saving STEREO-B.
2016-08-21 Revised Estimates for the Number of Human and Bacteria Cells in the Body
A new urban myth is born: there are roughly the same number of bacterial cells living within us as human cells.
2016-08-17 Greek Villagers Rescue Migrants
No good deed goes unpunished. A moving story about human decency and solidarity.
2016-08-16 Deceptive statistics on iatrogenic deaths
A favorite ploy of medical and nutrition quacks is to quote studies that report high numbers of deaths in hospitals due to “medical errors” as a way to cast suspicion on the medical establishment as a whole. But these impossibly large numbers are the result of poor methodology and sloppy definitions.
2016-08-15 Worst of McMansions
An architect explains why McMansions are so hideous.
2016-08-15 ClojureScript now has an official website
“Most of the content from the ClojureScript wiki has been migrated into the new site and organized.”
2016-08-10 New Archimedes Writings Discovered
700 years ago, a monk tore up a book by Archimedes and wrote prayers on the parchment.
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From: VT Clark

Date: Wed, 27 May 2015

Subject: outstanding arstechnica article. well done!

coherent, well researched, excellent references [i.e., lnks], patient coverage of complex but revealing subject matter, particularly the law of conservation [...]

Very kind of you; glad you liked the article.

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