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24/1/2023 11:45 The News Is Bad For You. Stop Reading It.: There are some weak spots in the argumentation; but one of Sarah Haider’s conclusions is spot-on: get your information from source documents, not journalistic summaries.
20/1/2023 9:06 Examples of problems with integers: And you thought floats were bad…
20/1/2023 8:59 Winner take all science: Interesting thoughts about priority, discovery, and credit in science.
19/1/2023 7:32 Pandoc 3.0 released: The program that I invoke scores of times each day just got more powerful. Follow the link for a massive list of improvements, including better handling of figures (captions, subfigures, …).
18/1/2023 11:32 The learned helplessness of Pete Buttigieg: Effective and worthless agency leadership: a study in contrasts
18/1/2023 10:12 Mars distracts: I agree with the thrust of this piece: the concept of Mars colonization is pointless and stupid.
14/1/2023 12:05 Jocelyn Bell, woman of steel: “Three Nobel Prizes have now been awarded for pulsars, but none has gone to the woman who discovered them.”
7/1/2023 9:59 Logicians are Everywhere: Was Leibniz the first computer scientist?
6/1/2023 9:40 Just use iwd: If you’re having authentication problems with wpa_supplicant, try iwd.
31/12/2022 11:41 In 2023, Let’s Rediscover Wrongness: This is a dangerous article and nobody should read it.
30/12/2022 7:52 The year the West erased women: “If the spirit of true feminism is to be reclaimed, we need more JK Rowlings and fewer Ketanji Brown Jacksons.”
22/12/2022 22:37 PureFun.jl: Immutable containers for Julia.
17/12/2022 11:14 A USB-C powered Cattle Prod: Terence Eden can be pretty funny.
14/12/2022 23:20 Fusion “Breakthrough” Won’t Lead to Practical Fusion Energy: A more sober assessment of the recent breathless hype from LLNL.
14/12/2022 13:43 Increasing freshwater supply to sustainably address global water security at scale: “We show that the atmosphere above the oceans proximal to the land can yield substantial freshwater, sufficient to support large population centers across the globe, using appropriately engineered structures.”
13/12/2022 8:22 Snowflake IDs in Mastodon (and Unique IDs in the Fediverse more generally): Informative article on how social media systems generate sort-of unique identifiers for posts.
11/12/2022 12:06 Wormhole Publicity Stunts: Past, Present and Future: Looks like this nonsense isn’t going away any time soon.
10/12/2022 10:57 You can’t screenshot or right click this image: An interesting, and of course doomed, concept for protecting images on the web from copying.
9/12/2022 8:22 Internet Archive Scholar: “This fulltext search index includes over 25 million research articles and other scholarly documents preserved in the Internet Archive. The collection spans from digitized copies of eighteenth century journals through the latest Open Access conference proceedings and pre-prints crawled from the World Wide Web.”

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