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27/11/2022 9:24 Universities secretly sold their students to online casinos: The “extraordinary corruption and depravity of college administrators who colluded with sports book companies to bring gambling to campus.”
19/11/2022 14:23 GIMP 2.99.14: “Goodbye, floating selection. Hello, stroked text!” Both are welcome improvements. No more reaching for the menu to select “Paste as a new layer.” Now it’s what you get when hitting CTRL-V.
18/11/2022 8:49 Satellite Licensing: FCC Should Reexamine Its Environmental Review Process for Large Constellations of Satellites: The Starlink swarm, that has interfered with astronomical observations with impunity, may finally be subject to environmental review.
17/11/2022 9:49 Minimizing the Elastic Energy of Growing Leaves by Conformal Mapping: I learned to love conformal mapping while studying fluid dynamics. This is a fascinating application.
15/11/2022 8:35 The sinister attempts to ‘decolonise’ mathematics: “the Moors’ conquest of Spain was a form of colonialism, but apparently not the type of colonialism we are meant to be interested in.”
12/11/2022 13:15 Scientific writing: Many thoughts, and many good references.
12/11/2022 9:25 Man repatriates 19 antiquities: Interesting and moving story.
11/11/2022 12:50 Gun control is racist: Maj Toure: “Black people are going to save America from Joe Biden.”
11/11/2022 8:00 Bridging HPC Communities through the Julia Programming Language: “The Julia programming language has evolved into a modern alternative to fill existing gaps in scientific computing and data science applications.”
10/11/2022 21:42 Anxiety and Irresponsibility: What Is to Be Done About Literary Moralism?: She says the right things and she says them well.
10/11/2022 9:55 SciML: Differentiable Modeling and Simulation Combined with Machine Learning: A new hub for Julia’s SciML documentation.
4/11/2022 10:43 Eleven Magic Words: A moving story of a bewildering success in the courtroom. This lawyer can write!
25/10/2022 15:12 POSSE: “POSSE is an abbreviation for Publish (on your) Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere, the practice of posting content on your own site first, then publishing copies or sharing links to third parties (like social media silos)”. This is what I’ve been doing for years. Now I know there’s a name for it!
25/10/2022 9:30 The best Julia programming books going into 2023: Description of books the author has used plus notes about others, including books arriving in the near future.
23/10/2022 12:20 Over 100,000 Vinyl Records Are Being Digitized for Anyone to Listen to Online: The Internet Archive is digitizing LP records from the Boston Library’s sound collection.
22/10/2022 10:17 Butterfly wing patterns emerge from ancient “junk” DNA: “Butterfly wing patterns have a basic plan to them, which is manipulated by non-coding regulatory DNA to create the diversity of wings seen in different species, according to new [fascinating] research.”
19/9/2022 13:21 Math Is the Great Secret: The discovery of joy.
3/9/2022 10:42 New bird species discovered in Chile: “In the Diego Ramirez Islands, 100 kilometers (62 miles) from southern Chile’s Cape Horn, scientists have identified the Subantarctic rayadito, a 0.035 pound (16 gram) brown bird with black and yellow bands, and a large beak that is confounding biologists.”

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