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15/11/2017 15:01 SciPy Reaches v. 1.0: My article appeared today in LWN. Please support this fine publication by subscribing while you're there.
13/11/2017 18:02 Multiprocessing in Python with Fortran and OpenMP: Using f2py to write Python modules in Fortran for parallel computing.
31/10/2017 18:18 An Op-Ed from John Yoo: Thanks, New York Times, but I’ll get my moral and political guidance from people who did not provide legal cover for torture.
28/10/2017 10:50 Jackie Chan’s Plan to Keep Kicking Forever: Alex Pappademas nails the significance of Chan’s work in films, and muses on the mystery of his unsavory political leanings.
4/10/2017 10:12 That’s racist: The English are adept at the subtle slur.
4/10/2017 10:17 School vaccinations cut cervical cancer alerts by 41%: The HPV vaccine for young girls is still controversial in (for example) the U.S. This study from Scotland shows that the public health benefits were significant, and greater than expected.
4/10/2017 14:30 Running full Linux on a Google Chromebook Pixel: Installation and usage notes for the 2013 model.
1/10/2017 11:32 Trump Is Making Canada Great Again: Our neighbor to the north is absorbing the talent that Trump is turning away.
28/9/2017 7:15 Introducing jsxtreme-markdown: “Hacking together a new way to use React components and markdown”. I don’t know if I’ll ever use this, but it’s an interesting combination of technologies.
21/9/2017 11:20 Infinite series were familiar to mathematicians in India in the 14th century: A press release from The University of Manchester.
21/9/2017 7:37 Laura Kipnis’ Endless Trial by Title IX: How schools mount baseless investigations to punish inconvenient faculty.
19/9/2017 19:22 Nye’s Way or the Highway: The celebrity science communicator’s message is fundamentally anti-science.
14/9/2017 7:24 Never Stay at Motel 6: ‘“We send a report every morning to ICE — all the names of everybody that comes in,” one front-desk clerk explained. “Every morning at about 5 o’clock, we do the audit and we push a button and it sends it to ICE.”’ Or, go ahead and stay there — if you like the excitement of chancing a surprise visit from armed federal agents in case your name happens to be similar to one in their databases. Or if you just like the idea of the federal government knowing where you are at all times.
13/9/2017 7:38 Israeli Lawmaker Forced out for Attending Nephew’s Same-Sex Wedding: His ultra-Orthodox party was not amused. Also see this.
12/9/2017 10:26 Common Gotchas In Python: Some of these are familiar, but some are less so. If you program in Python you should know about these.
8/9/2017 8:16 Voynich manuscript: the solution: Where cryptography failed, a deep and broad contextual knowledge of medieval culture succeeded. Or not — there is widespread skepticism in the medievalist community.
8/9/2017 7:16 Interactive map of Virginia’s geology and natural resources: A wonderful site for any of my neighbors who are interested in what’s under their feet.
7/9/2017 7:26 How Python does Unicode: Python 3.3 made an important change in string handling. This is a good rundown of Unicode in general, and how Python does it, in particular.
7/9/2017 7:29 Stop sharing spaghetti plots of hurricane models: On the common presentation of irrelevant and stale path predictions.


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From: Robbert Glas

Date: 29 July 2017

Subject: A brief history of quantum alternatives

I never react on articles on internet (too few hours in a day) but you've made the exception. What a brilliant sum-up. I strongly suggest to take your place in front of a class room.

Thank you for those kind words. I hope I deserve them.

-- Lee

From: byron p

Date: 29 July 2017

Subject: A brief history of quantum alternatives

I was wondering if you've ever ran across the book "Quantum Philosophy" by the French physicist Roland Omnés. I ran across it a number of years ago by accident and picked it up thinking it would be one of those fun but flawed New Agey books on the subject. It is a bit old (the original French edition is dated 1994), but since he is just doing basically an intro to quantum physics (well, philosophy actually), I think it holds up very, very well. And he does this through a giving a history, starting with Classical logic/math/physics etc before going on the Formalism of the same things and showing just how prevailing theories broke down. He really doesn't begin talking quantum until at least half-way thru the book. And then he is just talking the basics of the physics. He is more interested, really, in the philosophy of science. Two parts in the book that I really like is how he manages to dismiss the Schrödinger Cat problem in less than a page and that there is a chapter titled 'Recovering Common Sense'. But he is not done there. There is a lot more about modern scientific philosophy with, naturally a section on Thomas Kuhn. All in all, a book I truly love that I don't understand just why is not more widely known.

I've seen references to this author, but never read the book. Thank you for the recommendation, I'll keep it in mind.

-- Lee

From: Robert John

Date: 31 July 2017

Subject: Ars Technica

Hello Lee,

Just wanted to write and thank you for the wonderful article, it was a great read, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, and learnt a lot!

All the best

Dear Robert,

I was very pleased to get your kind note. It's always a great satisfaction to learn that the results of my toil are well received!

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