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19/3/2023 10:35 The Fraught Dance Between Artist and Interviewer in “Rewind & Play”: An appreciation of the recent documentary “Rewind & Play” by Alain Gomis, which is about a French TV interview with Thelonious Monk from 1969.
17/3/2023 7:44 Authorship for sale: Someone is actually advertising author slots on academic papers for sale, and people are actually purchasing authorship.
15/3/2023 16:18 Modern Font Stacks: Fantastically useful resource for using system font stacks when designing web pages.
12/3/2023 9:55 Here’s Why the Science Is Clear That Masks Work: Almost any type of mask will reduce your probability of becoming infected with any airborne virus, including COVID.
11/3/2023 10:54 Write posix shell: Good advice.
8/3/2023 19:44 INNER JOIN Files on the Command-Line: This is one of those immensely useful command line utilities that I keep forgetting about.
26/2/2023 8:53 What does it mean that a data frame is a collection of rows?: The main developer of Dataframes.jl explains its interface in this illuminating article.
26/2/2023 8:38 This is your brain on fraud apologetics: The inventors of Google explained how it would turn to garbage.
24/2/2023 10:38 Multitools: Brief but interesting rundown of some pocket tools.
18/2/2023 12:21 TabFS: “TabFS is a browser extension that mounts your browser tabs as a filesystem on your computer.” Brilliant. I’m going to find plenty of uses for this.
18/2/2023 10:15 Every NASA Authorization: A list of every NASA authorization passed by the U.S. Congress, with links to the texts of the bills.
18/2/2023 9:54 Google’s chatbot panic: “The really remarkable thing isn’t just that Microsoft has decided that the future of search isn’t links to relevant materials, but instead lengthy, florid paragraphs written by a chatbot who happens to be a habitual liar – even more remarkable is that Google agrees.”
17/2/2023 22:32 Latest on the Wormholes: “I had thought that the wormhole story had reached peak absurdity back in December, but last night some commenters pointed to a new development: the technical calculation used in the publicity stunt was nonsense, not giving what was claimed.” Yet Fermilab pushes on with the hype.
17/2/2023 12:26 Linux Ext4 directories have a maximum size (in entries): If you try to stuff more than about ten million files into a single directory, you may have problems.
16/2/2023 13:42 What’s Going Right in Particle Physics: Peter Woit: “While there are a lot of ways in which I disagree with Hossenfelder’s critique, there are some ways in which it is perfectly accurate.” He never mentions what are the ways in which he disagrees, but has interesting things to say, as usual.
11/2/2023 11:46 What’s going wrong in particle physics?: Physicist Sabine Hossenfelder explains the problem with contemporary particle physics in an engaging and illuminating video.

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