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15/7/2018 11:23 Melatonin: Much More Than You Wanted To Know: Are you taking melatonin to help you with sleep? If your pill supplies more than 0.3 mg, you should read this.
15/7/2018 11:18 Space Debris Lands in Kazakhstan: A fireball in the sky leads to a fire on the ground and the discovery of rocket parts, as yet unidentified.
9/7/2018 12:36 Trump Liquor License Threatened: DC law requires owners of establishments that sell liquor to be of “good character.” Trump will need to defend himself against a challenge to the Trump International Hotel’s license, resulting from this requirement, brought by two retired judges and five clergy members, including two rabbis. It will be interesting to see how Trump’s lawyers attempt to counter the abundant evidence for the proposition that their client is not of good character.
5/7/2018 8:02 tweets_analyzer: “Tweets metadata scraper & activity analyzer”: with a lovely ASCII interface. Is your new Twitter friend part of the Russian, Iranian, or Chinese cyber army? This tool goes a long way to helping you make an educated guess.
5/7/2018 12:41 Catholic Archbishop Jailed for Aiding Child Rape: Church official showed “no remorse or contrition.”
2/7/2018 17:01 Iranian general blames water woes on Israeli “cloud theft”: The subtitle: “But country’s chief meteorologist disputes claim, says clouds and snow can't be stolen.” Best of luck to Iran’s courageous meteorologist.
6/6/2018 14:15 60 Free Film Noir Movies: Caution: watching these movies may incite an urge to purchase one or more fedoras.
5/6/2018 10:08 IPython Advanced computing on Hacker News: My article on multilingual and distributed computing in IPython is begin discussed on the front page of Hacker News at the moment.
4/6/2018 12:36 Advanced Computing with IPython: How IPython and Jupyter make distributed and multilingual computing easier.
1/6/2018 14:46 Julia Keeps Getting Better: As release 1.0 of the numerical/scientific language Julia approaches, here is one man’s list of favorite new features. I suggested in late 2014 that Julia would become the new Fortran; I think it is on the way.
1/6/2018 15:45 How to Make Twitter Better: The built-in feature that nobody seems to know about.
31/5/2018 8:39 The real power of Linux executables: Interesting and clear tutorial about the “executable” concept in Linux. With cool tricks!
29/5/2018 17:05 When will I ever need Pythagoras?: The best answer to that question, and to the perennial “When am I going to use this?”
6/5/2018 9:36 Who’s Smoking All the Weed?: The Centers for Disease Control is on the case.
27/4/2018 7:55 A Spy’s Tale: The TV Prankster Who Says He Became a Double Agent: A wild story with a killer last line.
25/4/2018 10:57 Newspaper op-eds change minds: The study shows that people are actually swayed by arguments. Guess I’ll keep writing them!
23/4/2018 7:55 The Power of the Mind: A man became severely ill after overdosing on what he believed to be antidepressants. After he was informed that the pills were placebos, he recovered.
17/4/2018 13:57 Saudi Arabia: Religion Textbooks Promote Intolerance: ‘Saudi Arabia’s school religious studies curriculum contains hateful and incendiary language toward religions and Islamic traditions that do not adhere to its interpretation of Sunni Islam, Human Rights Watch said [...] The texts disparage Sufi and Shia religious practices and label Jews and Christians “unbelievers” with whom Muslims should not associate.’
16/4/2018 9:23 The Fake Gun Control Debate: I’m going to take a break from making fun of Scott Adams to point out that the article here contains a trenchant insight. Of course, in its general form, what Adams has noticed about the gun debate is routinely observed about any political “debate;” but he drives the point home in the context of gun control effectively.
13/3/2018 21:05 Let’s Cut Our Losses on Fusion Energy: My editorial appeared March 13th in the Progressive, and has been picked up by about six other papers.


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From: Robbert Glas

Date: 29 July 2017

Subject: A brief history of quantum alternatives

I never react on articles on internet (too few hours in a day) but you've made the exception. What a brilliant sum-up. I strongly suggest to take your place in front of a class room.

Thank you for those kind words. I hope I deserve them.

-- Lee

From: byron p

Date: 29 July 2017

Subject: A brief history of quantum alternatives

I was wondering if you've ever ran across the book "Quantum Philosophy" by the French physicist Roland Omnés. I ran across it a number of years ago by accident and picked it up thinking it would be one of those fun but flawed New Agey books on the subject. It is a bit old (the original French edition is dated 1994), but since he is just doing basically an intro to quantum physics (well, philosophy actually), I think it holds up very, very well. And he does this through a giving a history, starting with Classical logic/math/physics etc before going on the Formalism of the same things and showing just how prevailing theories broke down. He really doesn't begin talking quantum until at least half-way thru the book. And then he is just talking the basics of the physics. He is more interested, really, in the philosophy of science. Two parts in the book that I really like is how he manages to dismiss the Schrödinger Cat problem in less than a page and that there is a chapter titled 'Recovering Common Sense'. But he is not done there. There is a lot more about modern scientific philosophy with, naturally a section on Thomas Kuhn. All in all, a book I truly love that I don't understand just why is not more widely known.

I've seen references to this author, but never read the book. Thank you for the recommendation, I'll keep it in mind.

-- Lee

From: Robert John

Date: 31 July 2017

Subject: Ars Technica

Hello Lee,

Just wanted to write and thank you for the wonderful article, it was a great read, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, and learnt a lot!

All the best

Dear Robert,

I was very pleased to get your kind note. It's always a great satisfaction to learn that the results of my toil are well received!

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