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3/7/2022 11:34 The Far Right and Far Left Agree on One Thing: Women Don’t Count: The Times finally permitted a counterpoint to its relentless drumbeat of misogyny to appear in its pages. Perhaps the tide is really turning.
23/6/2022 11:06 Five major planets to line up in rare planetary conjunction: “The last time this conjunction happened was 2004 and it won’t be seen again until 2040.”
10/5/2022 13:44 Total lunar eclipse May 15-16, 2022: In a few days most of the Western hemisphere will be treated to a total supermoon eclipse.
22/4/2022 12:01 Lyrids Meteor Shower 2022: They peak this year today and tomorrow.
6/4/2022 14:46 Jack Dongarra, who made supercomputers usable, awarded 2021 ACM Turing prize: The creative force behind LINPACK and BLAS says that Julia is a good candidate for the next computing paradigm.
5/4/2022 9:41 Raw photo development with darktable: A brief introduction to the sophisticated free-software program for processing your camera’s raw files by Jonathan Corbet, the LWN editor.
26/3/2022 8:08 Simple Setup for Let’s Encrypt: Making certificate renewal simple if you host multiple domains.
23/3/2022 6:22 Emmy Noether: An Announcement on her Birthday: On Emmy Noether’s 140th birthday I am happy to announce my forthcoming book about this history-making mathematician and her invention of modern physics with her eponymous theorem.
21/3/2022 18:58 Manhattan’s Chinese Street Signs Are Disappearing: This is the New York Times at its best. While the newspaper continues its depressing decline and decay, it’s heartening to see that they still produce these kinds of stories with such fascinating historical detail and brilliant use of web technologies.
11/3/2022 11:55 Julia v1.8 Release Notes: Julia 1.8.0 is in beta. These release notes include many welcome enhancements. Several of the new features relate to the creation of sysimages, and appear to make it easier to produce smaller compiled code.
28/2/2022 12:25 You Need a Middle Mouse Button: … but you don’t have one.
24/1/2022 14:47 Orbital Insertion Burn a Success, Webb Arrives at L2: “Today, at 2 p.m. EST, Webb fired its onboard thrusters for nearly five minutes (297 seconds) to complete the final postlaunch course correction to Webb’s trajectory. This mid-course correction burn inserted Webb toward its final orbit around the second Sun-Earth Lagrange point, or L2, nearly 1 million miles away from the Earth.”
21/1/2022 8:48 Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites hindering detection of near-Earth asteroids: “A new study has concluded that the sheer amount of Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites in orbit is causing streaks to appear on telescope imagery, obstructing the observation of asteroids.”
20/1/2022 8:26 The squares are kinda Fibonacci-like: This is a lot of fun. A deep insight emerges from some simple mathematics.
14/1/2022 7:58 An eerie quantum effect of magnetic fields also applies to gravity: The gravitaional Aharonov-Bohm effect.

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