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14/6/2024 10:43 The real butterfly effect and maggoty apples: A fascinating look at the limits of determinism in classical physics.
10/6/2024 11:22 No, gain of function research did not cause COVID-19: A refreshing antidote to rampant, uninformed speculation. Ethan Siegel explains why the evidence for the natural origin of covid is overwhelming, and the lab leak theory does not hold water.
30/5/2024 17:04 Noether’s Theorem and Arthur Eddington: The survival of the former in physics culture owes a debt to the latter.
28/5/2024 12:52 Noether’s Theorem and Machine Learning: Another surprising application.
18/5/2024 9:51 Ask Ethan: Are we expanding along with the Universe?: Exceptionally clear explanation of the nature of the expansion of the universe, with enriching figures and artifacts.
16/5/2024 15:32 Small probabilities add, big ones don’t: This has the virtue of being both insightful and obvious (in the sense of “obvious now that you’ve pointed it out”).
15/5/2024 11:53 Black, white and shades of grey - what’s behind sprint’s race divide?: Ability in sports is largely inherited—but that has nothing to do with the folk conceptions of “race”.
13/5/2024 8:19 Turkey arrests spider smuggler said to be American Museum of Natural History curator: The article doesn’t refer to any specific law, but the officials object to the potential financial value of medicine that might potentially be synthesized from venom. The article misuses “poisonous”. Update: smuggler may not have been smuggling at all.
10/5/2024 9:40 The Outrage is Warranted: Eloquent explanation of why Apple’s recent “crush” advertisement is deeply offensive.
7/5/2024 9:15 “Jewish Mathematics”?: This subtly written and argued essay by James Propp makes some points similar to ones in Einstein’s Tutor: notions of racial differences in styles of mathematical thought may be quaint and curious when Felix Klein expounds them, but they are deadly ideas.
3/5/2024 11:56 My dream died, and now I’m here: Sabine Hossenfelder’s fascinating account of her journey from academia to YouTube.
29/4/2024 11:54 WBAI Pays a Price for Null’s Shilling: Selling products on air costs WBAI an FCC penalty.
28/4/2024 8:41 ‘Shut up and calculate’: how Einstein lost the battle to explain quantum reality: Interesting essay on the history of orthodoxy in quantum mechanics.
25/4/2024 18:12 Closed-form solutions to nonlinear PDEs: Surprisingly many nonlinear partial differential equations of real interest have closed-form solutions.
25/4/2024 17:46 Greenpeace’s “crime against humanity”: This is what happens when activism becomes unmoored from scientific reality.
3/4/2024 22:49 Mastering Efficient Array Operations with StaticArrays.jl in Julia: Good tutorial with benchmarks.
20/3/2024 11:13 The Apple curl security incident 12604: I started to sour on MacOS about 20 years ago when I discovered that they had, without notice, substituted their own, nonstandard version of the readline library for the one that the rest of the unix-like world was using. This broke gnuplot and a lot of other free software. The creator of curl, Daniel Stenberg, writes about how Apple is still breaking things, this time with serious security and privacy implications.
27/2/2024 15:05 Here lies the internet, murdered by generative AI: Despressing but important: “the semantic apocalypse is here”.
27/2/2024 10:53 What Is A Single-page Application?: “SPAs replace the bad user experience of having to wait a second or two for 20KBs of HTML to be sent to your browser from a server with the good user experience of waiting several seconds for the server to send a 300KB JavaScript bundle, used to render HTML from scratch.”

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