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31/5/2023 7:27 Federal Judge Holds That Border Searches of Cell Phones Require a Warrant: The Electronic Frontier Foundation reports on the historic, and most welcome, decision. They helped bring this to pass through their legal advocacy over many years.
29/5/2023 20:58 Julia 1.9 Brings More Speed and Convenience: My article about the goodies in Julia v.1.9 appeared today in LWN.
28/5/2023 7:45 Several Tarkovsky Films Online for Free Viewing: The studio that produced “Stalker”, “Solaris”, “Ivan’s Childhood”, “The Mirror”, “Andrei Rublev”, and “The Passion According to Andrei” has placed them on YouTube for free viewing.
12/5/2023 6:31 Extreme Multi-Threading: C++ and Julia 1.9 Integration: With Julia v.1.9 we can call Julia libraries from multi-threaded C++ programs, apparently. This article shows you how.
5/5/2023 9:57 Capitol Reef National Park and Grand Staircase National Monument: Bryan Jones’ stunning images and video of these two places in Utah.
3/5/2023 10:50 One of the Last Chino-Latino Restaurants in NYC: I’m sad to see the disappearance of another unusual characteristic of the New York City of my youth.
19/4/2023 10:49 Incredibly dishonest funding graph from the CBC: Brazen, clumsy effort to make it appear as if the CBC does not receive the vast majority of its funding from the government. Among all the deceptive graphs I’ve seen, this one takes the cake.
18/4/2023 8:16 Why flying insects gather at artificial light: Finally, a convincing explanation for a commonly observed phenomenon.
15/4/2023 11:07 Systems design 2: What we hope we know: Apenwar on engineering, science, magic, and much more. Long, rambling, and quite interesting.
06/04/2023 21:21 Julia for Biologists: “Major computational challenges exist in relation to the collection, curation, processing and analysis of large genomic and imaging datasets, as well as the simulation of larger and more realistic models in systems biology. Here we discuss how a relative newcomer among programming languages—Julia—is poised to meet the current and emerging demands in the computational biosciences and beyond. Speed, flexibility, a thriving package ecosystem and readability are major factors that make high-performance computing and data analysis available to an unprecedented degree. We highlight how Julia’s design is already enabling new ways of analyzing biological data and systems, and we provide a list of resources that can facilitate the transition into Julian computing.”
3/4/2023 7:09 trurl manipulates URLs: Massively useful command line tool just released by the creator of curl. “trurl is a small command line tool that parses and manipulates URLs, designed to help shell script authors everywhere.”
2/4/2023 10:30 Solving one based indexing: Finally, a solution to the non-problem of 1-based indexing in Julia that should satisfy everybody.
24/3/2023 14:28 Not Quite What Happened: Peter Woit continues his coverage of Quanta magazine’s amazing credulity around the ridiculous “wormhole” hype.
24/3/2023 11:41 Affirmative Action or Transparency, Pick One: Harvard continues its legal fight for the right to its anti-Asian quota, and to keep it secret.
23/3/2023 7:16 Fascination of AWK: It seems that, periodically, I come across an article that reminds me I should finally learn AWK for real. But I never do!
22/3/2023 17:58 Fixed points of the Fourier transform: It’s surprising to learn of these functions, old friends, that are their own Fourier transforms.
21/3/2023 9:42 Some notes on searching the systemd journal with journalctl: Seriously useful notes about extracting information from journalctl, and related matters. (journalctl is the logging part of the loved and hated systemd.)

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