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28/4/2017 14:56 Brazil on Strike Tomorrow: The largest country in South America will have a general strike tomorrow today, the first such action in 30 years. There is no coverage of this in the major U.S. press. The whole country will shut down. Update: the news has finally reached a major wire service, and an inside page of the N.Y. Times.

28/4/2017 9:25 Why String Theory Is Still Not Even Wrong: An interview with Peter Woit, who has some interesting thoughts on the health of theoretical physics and mathematics. Woit runs the website Not Even Wrong, which has a permanent place in my feed reader.

27/4/2017 8:26 Air Force Considered Bombing the Moon with Nukes: And other interesting bits in this obituary of Leonard Reiffel.

27/4/2017 15:33 Changing minds on a changing climate: Why did these climate skeptics change their minds and accept the scientific consensus?

27/4/2017 8:31 United Takes Added Steps to Win Back Customers: They will offer up to $10,000 in travel vouchers to people who volunteer to be bumped. Will the more valuable incentives lead to new problems? Conflict among passengers competing for the payout? I can imagine a tense atmosphere as the offers gradually increase, with customers waiting for the exact moment to pounce, then fighting over who accepted first.

26/4/2017 13:18 Fusion reactors: Not what they’re cracked up to be: The waste disposal, proliferation, and efficiency problems of D-D and D-T fusion reactors. A pessimistic view which I think is accurate.

26/4/2017 9:01 Deliveroo pretends its employees are independent contractors: Nothing new. When I was a bike messenger in New York in 1977 we were “independent contractors” too, and it was just as much a fiction as this appears to be.

25/4/2017 14:56 Senate ID Cards Use A Photo Of A Chip Rather Than An Actual Smart Chip: This is actually true, in real life.

25/4/2017 14:03 Learning To Love Scientific Consensus: Thoughful ruminations on the meaning of consensus. Particularly timely at the moment, but of lasting value.

25/4/2017 12:10 Shakedown of Foreign Journalists in North Korea: The ‘unofficial rate fluctuated between 8,300 and 8,400 won to the dollar “depending on whether we've just had a nuclear test.”’

23/4/2017 9:46 Frito-Lay Recalls Jalapeño Chips over Salmonella Concern: How much more of this tragic news can we take?

23/4/2017 9:11 Why We’re Stuck with Trump, Part 93: High school in Alabama (!) expels student for possessing a water gun.

21/4/2017 10:35 United Airlines Accused Mexican Passenger of Trafficking his Daughter: A racist passenger noticed that the father’s skin tone was a bit darker than his daughter’s, and United agreed that this warranted having the police detain them.

20/4/2017 10:43 What is the uncertainty in the Earth’s temperature rise?: It may seem counter-intuitive that climate scientists can know the global temperature to within 0.1°C. This article explains how that’s possible.

20/4/2017 10:13 Re: the primacy of economics: Interesting thoughts on the role of economics in guiding policy.

17/4/2017 9:35 Banksy Hotel in the West Bank: “Small, but Plenty of Wall Space”

15/4/2017 11:48 Twitter Shadowbanning: Real or Imaginary?: Scott Adams: “anecdotal evidence isn’t real evidence because it can look identical to confirmation bias.” You don’t say?

15/4/2017 11:30 The Duke Lacrosse Scandal and the Birth of the Alt-Right: A compelling case that the neo-Nazi movement was born from reaction to media coverage of an unjust prosecution.

11/4/2017 15:08 NASA Unveils New Searchable Video, Audio and Imagery Library for the Public: “NASA Image and Video Library allows users to search, discover and download a treasure trove of more than 140,000 NASA images, videos and audio files from across the agency’s many missions in aeronautics, astrophysics, Earth science, human spaceflight, and more. Users now can embed content in their own sites and choose from multiple resolutions to download.”

7/4/2017 16:05 Was Trump’s Syria Strike Illegal? Explaining Presidential War Powers: A good discussion of the legal situation and precedents.

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