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18/2/2017 15:45 The Secret Service of the Skies: This is an interesting article about the disruption to general aviation, and all its associated industries, caused by President Trump’s selfish habits. But it repeatedly, and oddly, refers to zones of restricted airspace as “rings”, although they would seem to actually be truncated cylinders. Do I misunderstand?

16/2/2017 11:10 The future of solar power technology is bright: Recent advances in photovoltaic technology and research.

10/2/2017 13:52 Don’t miss the penumbral Lunar eclipse tonight.: Should be good viewing on the East coast if there’s a break in the clouds.

5/2/2017 15:10 The state of residential solar power: My article in Ars Technica appeared today.

2/2/2017 10:36 Jewish people give Muslims key to their synagogue after town’s mosque burns down: ‘One of the mosque's founders, Shahid Hashmi, said: “Jewish community members walked into my home and gave me a key to the synagogue.”.’

2/2/2017 6:29 Matter-antimatter asymmetry confirmed in baryons: Preliminary results from the LHCb may explain why our universe is made from matter.

1/2/2017 11:01 Cops use pacemaker data to charge homeowner with arson: This was not a smart criminal. But there are interesting legal issues around self-incrimination.

28/1/2017 21:21 ACLU wins emergency, national stay of Trump’s refugee ban: Check out the great picture of Trump by Carlos Barria of Reuters. And thanks to the ACLU.

26/1/2017 19:22 Help Rescue Science: A project to archive and make publicly available climate pages from various government agencies, in anticipation of forced deletion or alteration by the Trump administration.

24/1/2017 12:24 No More “Beall’s List”: Jeffrey Beall’s vital research into predatory publishing has come to a halt due to unspecified threats. This is extremely unfortunate. Beall was at the forefront of exposing mercenary, fake academic publishers. His list of fake journals was a valuable resource.

24/1/2017 22:14 The Shocking Affront of Donald Trump’s C.I.A. Stunt: There are those who were hopeful that he wouldn’t be as horrible in office as he was during the campaign. It’s clear that this was a forlorn hope.

23/1/2017 17:11 Declassified CIA Files on Uri Geller: They should have brought in James Randi as a consultant.

23/1/2017 13:45 How to Culture Jam a Populist in Four Easy Steps: Lessons from a Venezuelan anti-Chávez activist for vanquishing Trump.

23/1/2017 8:19 White to Mate in Two Moves: A very sweet chess problem.

21/1/2017 22:46 More Dots - Syntactic Loop Fusion in Julia: Impressive progress on efficiency of automatically vectorized loops using an expressive syntax.

13/1/2017 9:07 Obama Expands Surveillance Powers on His Way Out: Powers that will be inherited by Donald Trump.

12/1/2017 7:49 Blender for Hackers - 3D modeling is just like using VIM: A brief and friendly introduction to the (in)famous, free 3D modeling tool, pushing an analogy to the Vim editor.

11/1/2017 18:18 Reagent deep dive part 1: Gentle introduction to the React interface for Clojure.

10/1/2017 0:35 Twitter Shadowbanning: Real or Imaginary?: Before you decide you are a victim, learn how Twitter works.
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