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27/2/2024 15:05 Here lies the internet, murdered by generative AI: Despressing but important: “the semantic apocalypse is here”.
27/2/2024 10:53 What Is A Single-page Application?: “SPAs replace the bad user experience of having to wait a second or two for 20KBs of HTML to be sent to your browser from a server with the good user experience of waiting several seconds for the server to send a 300KB JavaScript bundle, used to render HTML from scratch.”
25/2/2024 11:47 Why science relies too much on mathematics: Physicist Roland Ennos promotes his new book (which looks interesting) with an article in New Scientist about over-reliance on mathematics in physics. I don’t think he’s made his point convincingly, but the article contains several interesting historical tidbits.
21/2/2024 7:12 New stack traces in Pluto: more colorful, less intimidating!: I recently wrote about the new features in Julia v1.10, including the friendlier, more useful stacktraces in the REPL. Now the amazing Fons van der Plas has released a new version of Pluto, the reactive computational notebook for Julia, with powerful and helpful stacktraces inspired by the new REPL improvements—they take error reporting to a new level.
19/2/2024 16:46 htmz: Probably the simplest implementation of partial replacement of content on a web page. Extracts the fundamental idea from htmx and isolates it.
27/01/2024 13:21 Gnuplot v6 comes with pie: My article about the gnuplot v6 release appeared today in LWN.
10/1/2024 10:32 A Special Dictionary for Israel: “The claims of Israeli genocide in Gaza, however improbable, are once again couched in scholarly language and legal principles that are invented for Israel and Israel alone. Were any of them applied to any other theater of conflict, there is scarcely a military action in the world that couldn’t be classified as genocide. In this, they are following a well-worn tradition, one that thinks itself invisible, but is actually transparent.”
6/1/2024 8:53 Unintended electromagnetic radiation from Starlink satellites detected with LOFAR between 110 and 188 MHz: The Starlink constellation of internet satellites emit radio signals far outside their assigned frequency band, creating interference with radio astronomy.
5/1/2024 10:42 Get Your Own Blood Work: Interesting approach to taking charge of an aspect of your health care, while saving money doing so.
3/1/2024 17:23 Julia v1.10 Release Notes: Excellent progress, especially in package loading times. Watch for my LWN writeup, coming soon.
03/01/2024 14:40 Julia v1.10: Performance, a new parser, and more: My article about the Julia v1.10 release appeared today in LWN.
2/1/2024 11:10 What are the fastest routes to fusion energy?: The authors conclude that no approach using deuterium fuel (which includes most laser fusion devices such as the NIF) is on a fast path toward fusion energy. They show that the most likely candidates employ high density plasmas.
28/12/2023 11:20 Homeownership: The economic, social, and personal disadvantages of home ownership.
23/12/2023 10:18 They Want You To Forget What A Film Looks Like: Apparently it’s becoming more common to use software to vandalize movies.
22/12/2023 13:15 kitty-runner.nvim: “A neovim plugin allowing you to easily send lines from the current buffer to another kitty terminal.” I’ve begun to use this in place of Neovim’s built-in terminal. I can take better advantage of my window manager, and REPLs running “naked” in Kitty terminals behave better than when running in nvim’s terminal buffer.
22/12/2023 8:38 Non-burping can damage quality of life, researchers say: Few doctors know about the medical condition that renders burping impossible or difficult. Consequently, its sufferers rarely receive effective treatment.
21/12/2023 10:33 DataFrame vs NamedTuple: a comparison: Informative comparison of the use of dataframes vs. named tuples to represent tables in Julia, with interesting examples of fast and slow code.
14/12/2023 8:57 Setting up your Julia session: A tutorial about the Julia startup file.
6/12/2023 8:09 My Julia Book is in Libraries: giving me a warm feeling.
5/12/2023 7:29 Switch off bad TV settings: This is a useful note for people who are as annoyed as I am by the “soap opera effect” in hotel TVs.

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