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Circle of Chicks

Twitter Shadowbanning: Real or Imaginary?

23/5/2017 13:22 Scott Adams Still Confused About Science: He’s gone so far down the Dunning–Kruger rabbithole, he’ll never climb out. I honestly get no pleasure from watching this.

23/5/2017 8:12 Hey Parents, Surprise, Fruit Juice Is Not Fruit: The American Academy of Pediatrics is asking pediatricians to advise against fruit juice for children. I’ll add my voice: fellow parents, lay off the juice boxes.

22/5/2017 9:10 Sam Harris and Charles Murray: Like many brilliant people, Sam Harris is sometimes incautious when discussing subjects outside his area of expertise, perhaps thinking that his native intelligence can compensate for a lack of deep knowledge of a subject. This syndrome was evident in Harris’ attempt to debate a real security expert about security screening, and has reared its head again in an inability to recognize Charles Murray’s pseudoscience for what it is. The linked article is an excellent resource for those wishing to educate themselves about why Murray’s IQ work is considered junk science by most experts in the field.

19/5/2017 17:13 Solar Energy: Recording of my interview with Matt Townsend on May 16th, 2017.

18/5/2017 9:45 Vertical Video Syndrome — A PSA: This is a few years old, but it’s new to me. Seriously funny, while serving the greater good.

15/5/2017 12:55 Scott Adams embarks on the Johnny Hart road: I’m not sure the comparison is entirely fair, but Adams’ odd confusion about how science works is starting to leak into his strips. It’s not doing much for the already attenuated and intermittent humor value.

15/5/2017 19:33 Circle of Chicks: A little problem in probability.

15/5/2017 21:15 Radio Interview: I’ll be chatting about solar energy on the Matt Townsend Show tomorrow, from about 9:30 to 10:00 am Eastern time. Sirius XM Radio Ch. 143.

11/5/2017 11:27 Watch Frank Sinatra Record: His technique, professionalism, and sincere emotional response is fascinating to see. Plus, he’s funny.

10/5/2017 7:38 Escape to Canada: Fascinating story about people, fearful of U.S. treatment of immigrants, crossing illegally into Canada for the purpose of being detained.

9/5/2017 15:01 Jakarta’s Christian Governor Imprisoned for Blasphemy: In the “moderate” Muslim nation.

7/5/2017 9:59 Chemicals That Pushed Man’s Ancestors To Run Down Wild Boar Flare At Sight Of White Cheddar Popcorn Bag: A decent summary of recent research in diet and obesity.

4/5/2017 13:33 Woman Endangers Community by Refusing to Help Prosecution: She recently died from a bullet to the stomach, but preferred to allow others to testify against the criminal who shot into a crowd.

3/5/2017 7:59 NYC Chinatown Produce: This is where we bought most of our vegetables and fish when I was a lad. From June, 2016, but just brought to my attention.

1/5/2017 13:19 Book Review: The Hungry Brain: Recent research on appetite and diet is fascinating, and the subject is complex. Scott Alexander’s reviews are so exhaustive that they make me feel as if I’ve learned a significant amount about the subject without having read the book.

30/4/2017 10:22 A climate skeptic sees the light: Interview with Jerry Taylor, once a professional climate science denier. He changed his mind when he discovered the dishonesty of the “skeptic” community.

28/4/2017 9:25 Why String Theory Is Still Not Even Wrong: An interview with Peter Woit, who has some interesting thoughts on the health of theoretical physics and mathematics. Woit runs the website Not Even Wrong, which has a permanent place in my feed reader.

28/4/2017 14:56 Brazil on Strike Tomorrow: The largest country in South America will have a general strike tomorrow today, the first such action in 30 years. There is no coverage of this in the major U.S. press. The whole country will shut down. Update: the news has finally reached a major wire service, and an inside page of the N.Y. Times.

27/4/2017 8:31 United Takes Added Steps to Win Back Customers: They will offer up to $10,000 in travel vouchers to people who volunteer to be bumped. Will the more valuable incentives lead to new problems? Conflict among passengers competing for the payout? I can imagine a tense atmosphere as the offers gradually increase, with customers waiting for the exact moment to pounce, then fighting over who accepted first.

27/4/2017 8:26 Air Force Considered Bombing the Moon with Nukes: And other interesting bits in this obituary of Leonard Reiffel.

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