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Olympus BioScapes Competition Winners
Gorgeous and revealing photomicography.
Don’t Call Clay Benskin a Street Photographer
Noir images taken in lower Manhattan.
Ming Thein
Extensive, interesting portfolio and comments on a wide variety of equipment.
Reuters’ “Best Photos of the Year”
Many of these photographs are brutal: not easy to look at. This one is astonishingly strange, with a delightful story behind it.
Beautiful Macro Images of Snowflakes
Moscow photographer Alexey Kljatov produces lovely, extreme closeup snowflake images using a compact camera with a reverse-mounted Helios 58mm F2 lens.
NYC: Day and Night Combined
Stephen Wilkes constructs photographs of New York that combine day and night views of a single scene. Although this is an interesting and innovative idea, I don’t find the results very moving.
Google Streetview Found Photographs
Some are shocking, some are beautiful.
Hiroyuki Ito’s New York City
Strong street photography.
Manhattan Hike 2005
Ken Rockwell’s photo essay of his hike of the entire length of Manhattan. It’s a lot of fun, with some really great photographs, taken with a tiny point-and-shoot.
Portraits of New York by Joseph Michael Lopez
Not Woody Allen’s Manhattan.

Images of bioluminescence: from the Harbor Branch Oceanographic Image Library.

Jeff T. Alu: mostly greyscale, somewhat abstract landscapes; prints available.

Library of Underwater Images by John Petrak: Extensive, high quality, and well organized.

Jørn Tompter: Many pointless portraits of boring people and pictures of walls painted with pictures, but there are few strongly original compositions here that make it worth a visit. The site is entirely in Flash.

A tribute to the beauty of Wild Skies.

The Gigapxl Project: “Defining the upper limits of large-format photography [...] The Project's near-term goal is to compile a coast-to-coast portrait of America”.

Beautiful Bug Closeups.

Liquid Sculpture: High-speed images of splashes.

Michel-Jean Dupierris: he's here, here, and here.

A Photographic Study of The Fly

Bryan Jones’ combined expertise as a biologist and photographer results in a website full of beauty, wonder, and insight. Here is a macrophotographic study of the green bottle fly.

National Wildlife Federation Photo Contest

Great pictures, usefully organized (although this fellow is definitely not a mammal).


Flickr’s API allows third parties to construct alternative ways to experience the photography stored on the site. I find this application (which comes with a convenient bookmarklet) to be a more pleasant way to browse someone’s “photostream”.

iPhone Photographs by Chase Jarvis

Getting a lot out of a small camera.

Christina Lutters

A powerful visual instinct energizes her photographs and her designs of webpages.

Nikon Small World: 2010 Gallery of Microphotography Contest Winners

☞ more

Miroslaw Swietek

Dew bejeweled slumbering bugs at 3 am. I especially enjoy the magnified ocular hexagons.

Mike Matas

Several stunning photographs and OK time-lapse movies. The design is notable: an elegant scrolling display without flash (but with javascript). Also has a portfolio of interface design work, which explains why the page design is so sweet: the catalog includes several of the excellent interfaces used in the iphone. ☞ more

Photographs from the Scopes “Monkey Trial”

“Marcel C. LaFollette, an independent scholar, historian and Smithsonian volunteer uncovered rare, unpublished photographs of the 1925 Tennessee vs. John Scopes ‘Monkey Trial’ in the Smithsonian Institution Archives.” ☞ more


The 100 billion frames per second camera that can image light itself
Detailed attempt to describe how the imaging system works.
Single-shot compressed ultrafast photography at one hundred billion frames per second
Movies of laser pulses reflecting off mirrors and travelling through media.
Why I love my Leica | Art and design | The Observer

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Monkey Selfie Issue Resolved
Some entities specifically mentioned by the US Copyright Office that can not create copyrighted works are the ocean, the supernatural, plants, and monkeys.
Selfie by Monkey
... creates copyright conundrum.
“bbum”’s photographic study of an emerging cicada
Before they dry their wings are a lovely green.
Canon 10-18mm STM Review
By Ken Rockwell.
Polio’s Return After Near Eradication
A frightening and depressing article, notable for Diego Ibarra Sanchez’s strong photography.
Film Resolution: The Pixel Count of Film
K. Rockwell’s analysis.
Sony’s Questionable Claim
Is their new camera as good as medium format film?
The algorithm for a perfectly balanced photo gallery
“Ever since we started working on Chromatic we knew we wanted the photos to be as big as possible. No tiny thumbnails, no square-cropping, no wasting of precious screen real estate.”
Bryan Jones on the Fuji X-Pro1
Detailed, and generally very favorable, impressions of this mirrorless camera system and two of its lenses.
Bell Labs Creates Lensless Single-Pixel Camera
“Scientists at Bell Labs have built a prototype camera that uses no lens and a single-pixel sensor. This rather counter-intuitive idea is based around a grid of small apertures that each direct light rays from different parts of the scene to the sensor, and can be opened and closed independently. [...] Because there's no lens to focus the resultant image has infinite depth of field, rather like a pinhole camera.”
Cuba And The Automobile
Bryan Jones’ evocative photographic study and essay.
Google's Macchia — The New Inquiry
Well written discussion of found imagery.
Panorama scripting in a nutshell - Wiki

This is a short document describing the various Open Source tools and techniques available for working with panoramas in a non-GUI environment. The examples are based on Linux experience, but most of them should work on OS X or Windows with minor modifications at most.

Consensus on the Nikon Green Cast Problem
Two photographers agree about color problems in Nikon’s full-frame DSLRs.
DKNY Apologises to Brandon Stanton
They had violated his copyright by displaying hundreds of his photographs in a store window.
Creative Photography Techniques
20 Tips for Stronger Images.

James Duncan Davidson has some useful articles about photographic techinques and tools.

Viewfinder: “[...] a novel method for users to spatially situate [...] their photographs, and then to view these photographs, along with others, as perfectly aligned overlays in a 3D world model such as Google Earth.” Visit the link for an impressive video, and read the brief article in the NYT.

The Histogram as the Image: cleverly hiding the “real” image as the histogram of a gif file.

Wayne Yoshida: Notes on equipment and film. His description of the problems with rendering shadowed flesh tones on the Epson 750 are precisely what I've encountered with this otherwise excellent printer.

Sense and Sensors in Digital Photography: A very interesting article by Charles Maurer full of good sense on the subjects of resolution, sensors, lenses, and more.

Here are some practical notes by Charles Maurer on color matching for digital photography, published 4 Oct. 2004.

Digital Outback Photo

KenRockwell: No-nonsense assesments of equipment.

On Digicams

Small Flashes used Creatively: A series of tutorial articles.

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