I Want a Pony

In "I Want a Pony" Merlin Mann muses about what his ideal personal information manager application should include. Interesting comments touching on "glue," etc. Pointed there by a comment by Doug Miller on his "Doing Something Different" website, where he says "I was struck by how many of the things he'd like are part of Tinderbox already". Well, some are, but some key elements are not, most notably his first item: Cocoa: "Whatever piece of app-based functionality resides on my Mac, I want it to be developed with Cocoa". This is the key to several of his other points about seamless integration and glue between applications, so much of which Cocoa makes possible on the Mac desktop. I've been an advocate and user of Tinderbox for a while, but its roots in OS < 10 keep it from integration with Cocoa services, text entry, etc. One notices because the nature of Tinderbox is such that it would benefit so dramatically from better system integration.