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Gnuplot 5 Book Available in Jupyter Form

Lee Phillips
Nov. 6th, 2020

My ebook Gnuplot 5, a complete guide to the scientific and technical graphing workhorse, is now available in the form of a set of Jupyter notebooks. This is a technology that allows you to run programs directly in a web browser, without installing any software.

My publisher has set up an amazing service exclusively for Gnuplot 5 owners that lets you use the gnuplot notebooks without installing any software. Yes, you can use the freshest version of gnuplot without installing gnuplot. You can log in and use the Jupyter version of the book interactively, as well as create your own notebooks. As a bonus, you can use Python as well as gnuplot.

They call it the “gnupyter” service. The instructions and more information are here. Since I did most of the programming to set up the service, I’m in a good position to answer questions about it. So please use this page for those questions, and for comments—about gnupyter, gnuplot, or the book. Keeping the discussion in one place will help users learn from each other.

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